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The oldest part of the town is protected by a defensive system consisting of eight fortified access gates and a long city wall, still in excellent condition, which belongs to two castles: the Rocca Maggiore, rebuilt by Cardinal Albornotz in 1367 and the Rocca Minore. Assisi, in addition to the religious buildings of such great importance that it can not be considered its exclusive heritage, such as the Basilica of San Francesco, tourists can also visit the Basilica of Santa Chiara and the Church of San Pietro.

All those lucky enough to visit this beautiful town will have to agree with those who believe that its beauty goes beyond a short and, inevitably, incomplete list of more or less extraordinary works, being instead to be sought in the atmosphere of the places that the history and faith of St. Francis of Assisi have made unique in the world.


Assisi is a city that offers a lot to tourists as Assisi is a small medieval village of about 25,000 people perched on a hill in Umbria and is also famous because it is the birthplace of San Francesco, Assisi.

Therefore, visiting Assisi has a religious, historical and artistic meaning. Periodic exhibitions and fairs enrich the visitor’s experience.



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