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Apartments Borgo Spagnoli

Guests Adults - Children
Children (0 - 13 years)

The Torretta flat, with his delicate sky-blue walls, is equipped also for disabled guests. Once, this was the place of the watchtower of the property.

In the past, it was the granary of the medieval property; now it is painted in the orange tones.

A medieval press, that was used to squeeze olives, was in this flat today equipped with red furniture.

In this flat, decorated in the yellow shades, in the past all the treasure of the property was guarded: durmast barrel full of wine.

Here in the past the grapes were pressed; Muffa nobile, in the grey-orange shades, is not only one of our largest flat, but also comfortable and elegant.

This flat was the location of the olive-press at one time; with his blue shades reminds to the Trasimeno Lake and it is perfect to have relax especially on the hot summer days.

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